IAA Kuwait Chapter


The Kuwait Chapter is proud to be the oldest  IAA chapter in the MENA, reflecting the dynamic growth of the regional marketing and marketing communications industries.
IAA Kuwait Chapter operates under the patronage of Kuwait Journalist Society since 1996, under  the honorary head of Mr Adnan Al Rashed and is fully support by Mr Ahmed Behbehani the Head of Arab Journalist  Society.

The Kuwait Chapter is a partnership, supported by a broad membership of advertisers, advertising agencies, media and related services. Its breadth of membership enables it to speak for the marketing communications industry as a whole.
As part of the IAA’s international network, the Kuwait chapter offers the benefits of a global partnership. This means that the group is not only a national institution, but also represents a global perspective and a worldwide resource.
The IAA Kuwait Chapter is uniquely positioned to identify emerging cross-border trends before they become universally apparent and to provide marketing and communications professional  with an international, multi-industry forum of knowledge, best practice, professional development, intelligence, experience and ideas.





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